Morning Hour

Morning Hour
by John Jay Ho’olulu Flicker

Morticians libido
Death drive mask
Protruding jaw,
Dripping eyes
Hands alive like claws
Clinging to a slipping slope
Heart beat ecstacy
Tribal rhythm bass line
Drenched in sweat
Sunlight to quench the dreariness
Chewing cotton bubble gum
Culminate in equilibrium
The peak to tower mountains
Swallow whole heartedly
Lock jaw ceremony excursion
Intrusion into the ego
The dynamo to pump the blood
Lighting finger tips
Strobe to cross the pupil
Rewind the mind
Heels stomp
Hit the dirt
The rocky bottom blues
Practice your pipedream
Guilt trip sunrise to surmise
Entrapment medicine bottle
Yellow as the cats eye
Euphoria in euthanasia
The neuron recedes
Second guess mobb mentality
Persuasion in a cracked bottle
Wavelengths in night air
Spare the rod
Flock to the cliffside
If one man jumps,
You do the same consistently.

1 thought on “Morning Hour

  1. John Jay has expression turned against itself in this fugitive narrative chant and rant knowing the music of his poem cannot stop the conformity which crosses and passes him by at every metaphoric turn.

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