Stand To

Stand To
by Oscar Smiles

stand to and

take ur jacket off

it’s wool inside

I got such a sycophant glare

don’t come crying wolf to me

such as behind the corylus tree

mother mari comforts me

whispering words of wisdom

I got the shaft

I got the longitude and the lat.

the verses go flush with fortitude

quaaludes and frontiers groove me

i’m someone’s baby

please….remain seated


parliamentary airstream

a singular matchmaker

gone underground

an unknown excerpt

a blank page

a paralyzed world

no more gobsmacked cush

I want the euphoric transparency

of a ricocheted currency

don’t wanna be digitized

like a masonic maelstrom

this bumpkin’s indemned

I’ll take the existential

over the halo any day

I’ll depart from the front porch

in my pooridge torn skivvies

like a guttersnipe on consumption

I’ll bequeath you with

sinister carpet bombs

the mccommas and the worcola mezzanine

all haggard eyed off hallucinogens

am I the only one up

am I at liberty to discuss such

a uturned matter

an abysmal isolation

I recognize the machine

that exists with travel talks

will I follow

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