A Dubious Superpower

A Dubious Superpower
by Matt Taylor

I was built in a factory (I must have been);
stuffed to the brim with copper wires
conducting the electricity needed to power
my legs, my arms, my neck.
Then filled with insulation to keep
my wires safe.

I keep looking for my on/off switch
(I know it’s there),
I think it’s somewhere under the skin
of my heel. Either way,

I’ll find it soon.

Filled with pills from an early age,
my confidence has always been provided
by the small boost
Adderall thinks I can handle.
The pharmaceutical age existed,
as a cocktail, in my belly.

Or, maybe, as snakes in my belly,
snakes that became obsessed with the idea
that a single bite would,
more than likely,
kill me. Yet
they never bit,

I could never stop, though.
I’d feel ridiculous with my head in an oven.

Even now I feel ridiculous.
A cord on a used parachute. A watch
you wear in your sleep.

I should apologize,
but that wouldn’t be honest.

1 thought on “A Dubious Superpower

  1. Makes me think of how I am rather than what I want to be when what I want continuously falls short and I’m left with the realization–‘this is it’. Great read. Enjoyed the confessional self microscopic.

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