The Story of Travis Wedge

The Story of Travis Wedge
by Dirk Michener

I’ve been trying to get a hold of you
on the phone.
I came up to yr work a couple times
but you wouldn’t come out of the cubicle… after a while the receptionist
suggested I leave.

I met a girl at the bar
and told her to come see me up at yr work
but when she saw you she said-
Yr not you
Yr not Travis Wedge.
I’ve been trying to reach you on the phone
so, on the machine,
I offered you a job at Penthouse magazine.
Penthouse magazine told me to go visit you
up at work
maybe call you a few times to chat
about business.
I suppose most every time we talked
you probly got the wrong impression-
I most certainly carry a threatening tone.
See, I always get my man
even if it’s just a photo
or perhaps a thinly detailed drawing
based on a description
from a girl at the bar I sent to yr work
(to give me some photos)
but really,
I knew it wasn’t you she was looking for-
It was Travis Wedge.
Travis Wedge didn’t care about photos
Travis Wedge just wanted to do his job
without trouble
and go home,
make a few phone calls…

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