Betsy really real

Stranded on the Island of Reil

by: Halifax

Do you read me?
Betsy; this is Heaven’s
distress message
sent to seekers
on crystal sets
searching out weak signals
propagating amongst themselves

Received loud and clear
I’ll patch you in once
the body checks brain patterns
for similar differences

Do you copy?
Betsy you have a heart beat
it has been with you always
it is not the beat
and not the heart
not the space it pounds

this sounds like Heaven’s call,
a timeless rhythm breathlessly
carried on sincere promises
stretched thin between us

I hear you listening
there is no such thing
as talking to yourself

This voice you relay
broadcasts interference
bent to ford minds
immersed as it is
in group intelligence

Seen it drown individuals
outside the pulse of it
until you cannot hear them
drum and suffer anymore

no thoughts alone survive

Are you there?


Here we go again, testing
to make sure this thing is on
that there is an is, was a was,
and will be a here hereafter

It takes faith to believe
this is more than wishful thinking
but any measure of faith
leaves a smidgen of doubt

I’ve lost it since knowing you
and I’m not sure you exist
except by thinking there you are

without us this signal fails

You don’t know what you’re missing
but it defines you

Do you read me Betsy?
My idea of you is without me
though yours of you is with me

This notice to you arrived
inside your borrowed name

you owe the lender nothing
beyond what others take
your name to mean

it is this debt
earned by living through it
that keeps you negotiating

Your name is your word
your word is your bond
there can be no bondage
without it

You are not your name
This is what salvation means

You have been called
Your name cannot answer

There is a deluge
of knowledge coming
gather your thoughts
twist closed their conclusions

pair the animals inside
bind the left, the right
already on board
inexplicably at peace
both halves prepared
to be eaten alive
by mutual uncertainty

I will wait patiently
for words to fail you,
until you form a reply
using my terms
to save yourself

Move with me in your way
as you hear my voice
dance with my absence
as it consumes you
assured you took the lead

There you go again being cryptic
so indistinct it’s trapped
on the tip of my tongue
the melody can’t even be hummed
this music plays out forever
stuck between the pulse and pause
where songs pose brutal questions
that demand a response

you are already lost to doubt
adrift on wavering faith
there is an answer in silence
more powerful than I am
when the only connection
between us rests untested
rapt inside you

3 thoughts on “Betsy really real

  1. I liked the “major tom to ground control” back and forth. Islands of Reli link went over my head but I could appreciate the strenuous attempts at communication to establish a link between self/world outlook and religious/spirtual well-being. Lots to ponder and ruminate on in this poem. If I read it again tomorrow I might think something totally different. Well done!

  2. Halifax is on a searchlight for a deep human connection to the voice and frame of space and time with a language of
    universal fascinated language to share with us.

  3. An early draft of this had Robin Williams as the voice, grown to a baby alien from Orson. He is fetal and had become fulfilled. Pure fiction and wishful thinking but it feels good to wonder if beyond our comprehension there might be something beyond our comprehension. Finding the limit hasn’t been reached yet. Maybe when it has it will be like the Grand Canyon to a six-year-old kid. Sure is big. Can we get ice cream?

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