Review of Tailed by MK MacInnes

unnamedTailed by MK MacInnes
A short story, from a collection, published 2015.
Reviewed by Colin W. Campbell.

The time is 1988, the place is Paris and the writer shares from her memoirs.
If you are not too afraid, step out of the comfort zone and follow in her first steps, alone and overseas. Lost and more through the dark boulevards of Paris. Oui, ca marche.

Be tailed as its 2,700 words try to catch up on you. The verite of the details are out there in the shadows of this enigmatic cosmopolitan capital. Remember what it is like to struggle in a strange tongue in the face of danger. But don’t be surprised to find a Scottish tongue in the cheek.

This tale is well able to stand on its own and deserves to be reviewed in its own right. It earns its place within the literary sparks of an eclectic collection from MK MacInness with short stories that range from the lightest of fun to deep emotions.

It should be no surprise that a writer from the Isle of Skye should follow in a long tradition of Scottish Highland storytelling. What’s more, she can punctuate on and between her lines from thoughts of times in Glasgow, Cumbria, and France.

Disclosure: Of course MK is a friend. What’s more, she kindly mentioned me in the Foreword of the collection. So how could I not review. Fortunately its ever-so-well written so I can offer a nice little review without conflict.

Find the collection in Amazon as …
Close Call: Short and Bittersweet.
M K MacInnes, ISBN 978-0-9555892-1-8.

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