by Anthony Liccione

all the sparks in the
night sky below,
just above the city
as an electrical storm
of hail, broke havoc,
as each part of the city
went out from blown
soon we were left
in the dark,
with sounds of crickets
and bull frogs,
we fell asleep
like this, so soundly
and assuredly,
i thanked
and kissed you

and when the sun
crept up,
and the city resurrected
with busy linemen
putting up power lines,
chainsaws chewing
through trees
and bulldozers
pushing dirt
like bullies,

then you were gone
just like that,
never found

and i felt betrayed,
out of love,
defeated from
an angel,
that walked over

the heart
of sodom
and gomorrah,
leaving the drift
of footprints in a
fold of ash

1 thought on “perishing

  1. Anthony Liccione body of work touches on a cosmic vision
    wanting to be a lost visionary in an anonymous Blakean mechanical,maniacal, digital time of life.

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