Twisted Noodles

by Casey Bush

Are You Practicing a Fraudulent Faith?
like office gossip brain damage can’t explain it was a false revelation after I quit listening to rock music and started to devote myself exclusively to jazz it seemed like a momentous change in consciousness had come upon me when all I did was prefer questions to answers and bear witness to mystery while choking it all down in big pieces

Have You Lost Your Will to Love?
not unlike a proselytizing electrician at a plumbers’ convention trapped in a darkened restroom with a leaking toilet if I don’t voice an objection to automated phone surveys then nobody is going to know how much it costs to turn off the television and end expressway grid lock oblivious to the fact that if you can’t spell it out you can’t look it up

Do You Lack Any Living Kin?
neither arsenic nor anthrax can tie my tongue up late night watching gloom disappear over the horizon before birds begin to sing when all God’s creatures come out of the shadows with their hidden agendas enucleating a ragdoll’s glass orbs just to see what lies behind those spheroids insisting that now is a perfect time to step up the crackdown

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