Beatles Bathtub

Beatles Bathtub
by Bradley Mason Hamlin

a pretty
blonde American girl
of English heritage
bought me Beatles
Live @ BBC 2

listening now
in the tub
mi amigo, Mr. Bubble

the tiny
portable stereo
if George
turns up the treble
or maybe
the trouble

as the cool bird
a pint of Sierra Nevada

gives me too much treble
as well

George’s guitar
sounds great
in the acoustics
of the bathroom …

you should try it

the beer is good
and cold in summer
the blonde is good
(even when bad)
and hot in summer

and I love her.

2 thoughts on “Beatles Bathtub

  1. Bradley Mason Hamlin’s projection of his sublime alter ego suggests the rock sounds of his Beatles plays well in this cerebral finely drawn poem of love’s imagery.Congratulations!

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