Science Sonnet 1

Science Sonnet 1
by Dan Raphael

self-impressed enough to go one step further,

a thousand feet higher, i never saw calves like that,

lavaic bubbles inside a quiet volcano

skipping along the waves of imaginary traffic:

no cars but beasts that used to or never have,

from renaissance to reconnaissance to reckoning,

the ring of reason but the scent of speculation,

what hasn’t landed yet, hasn’t been born or died

with 2 forks, 3 spooons & a tefloned ceramic knife

of molecular time travel, as if the number of moons

around saturn explains its place at the table that’s our stove

dug from deeper roots reverse antennae

til we’ve gathered so much we celebrate

raising the murky surface with our fruiting bodies

offering all the seeds you can inhale and crack

1 thought on “Science Sonnet 1

  1. Dan Raphael’s responsive,reflexive and expressive poetry has
    a deep yet high voice of sonority and now seniority on the world’s surrealistic scene.

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