The Waiter

Hilltop Diner
By Halifax

Bring me my drink
Be quick about it
Don’t bother jawing
about daily specials

I know what I want
only one reason
to truck it up here
in the first place

You will bring me
clinking tiles of ice
suspended in the bitter
fullness of time;

a tea both sun-brewed
and fresh lemoned
in a polished glass
sweating from chill

with clean hands
set it on a paper coaster
so crisp and thoughtful
God himself is tempted
off his rocker to witness

then leave me alone
beside him to contemplate
this tabled moment
when expectation
determined reality

2 thoughts on “The Waiter

  1. As I read this I think of a goodly yet ocd well to-do gentleman who may perhaps be a main protagonist in a future Wes Anderson film. I love the short lines, quick stanzas, and meditative ending. Craftily done, sir.

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