Tatiana’s Tortillas

Tatiana’s Tortillas
by Casey Bush

it’s no use hating all the men
but be sure not to let a one off the hook
no matter how anxious you are
to get home and bear children
fathered by a beer swilling lout
presenting the cloven Demon with poisoned progeny
just as under the right circumstances
a pacifist can be bullied into a fight
as an alcoholic stumbles twelve steps backwards
like an atheist wandering the maze of faith
there are rapists who can learn to love
and vegetarians seduced into eating red meat
if there’s a snake in the lawn
nothing wrong with taking the mower out for a spin
treed monkeys answer readily to a chain saw
stealing babies from a gas station
while mom is busy buying cigarettes and corndogs
Catholic clergy can all be forgiven diddling youth
Nuns were doing the important work anyway
so that long after the science of cloning is perfected
there will always be a place in this world
for Men of the Cloth
counting sheep in their sleep
ectoplasmic squid teeth
hopscotching plume fingers
among erudite cannibals
a flugelhorn marathon
where the gods are overweight and obese
difficult to worship much less behold
incessantly flushing the toilet
driving our mortal existence to the brink
dispensing heavenly decrees even if they’re wrong
like wind in the field
when it stops
and only then bent blades of grass
pop back up
looking straight into the sky
saluting the sun
innocent and beardless
as though nothing had ever gone wrong
in the first place.

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