Grand Scheme of Things

one on Your right and one on Your left
by Halifax

write down the truest thing you can
Love always devours hatred in time

put this truth on flat space to read
I will love you until you cease being

it withers taken from abstracted form
I have never served food you can’t eat

pinning it down drains color from truth
I cannot say things you can’t stomach

it must be quick read or shut in a book
Anonymous people are dying to meet you

Truth remembered rots away with exposure
Have any to share? Can you eat them?

the form truth is expressed in
is not yet never close enough
to survive persistent inquiry

questions change when answers stall
whereas answers change to meet them
I love your guts; untie them
so I can count their wrinkles

in the vacuum of experience
truth invites solid argument
from informed former allies
intent to pick the wings off
of even the most holy ideas

words that held truth last
like wax fruit is observed
just an accurate rendering
whose meaning leaves hunger
too well-known to recognize

1 thought on “Grand Scheme of Things

  1. It’s a doozie! Philosophical, poetic–I was intrigued by the dialogue between truth and application early on. At first I read the italics as part of a relationship but on a second read the “you” mentioned may be truth personified although I prefer to fancy that there’s a lover.
    In any case, the meat of the poem highlights the contrast between the ideal and the real, truth in the clouds and practical practice of said truth in the subterranean. Life can be dwelled upon but sooner or later it must be lived. Lots of food for thought here! Well done!

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