Poem On Pocket Picasso Cubist Period abc Tudor Publishing Co.

Poem On Pocket Picasso Cubist Period abc Tudor Publishing Co.
By Michael Snyder

Petite Encyclopedie de l'art of human-flag  g u i t a r s emotes gropes pediacric geometry tv front cover
evoking dominant color s of an artist's    N A m (E).
...no one gives a damn about the 'Five Dynasties of Northern Sung' or Utrillo's 'Churches'--
they want the radical plastic abstract
of 'Nude Women Arm-in-Arm' creative absolute aesthetic of sharp-tongued individual escape natural illusions asserting blue pink and negro
new viewmaster visions at cliff's diving point above infinite pallettes of aquatic depth.

Lines vanish prompting mind's intuition in 2D 3D full force
novelty: "Let us confront the observer."
Cave women shadowless sunny-D wolf girls plump with lust and pomegranite-sin origins.
"Ive got a helluva list of plates, motherxxxxers, and i'm not afraid to put my elbows on the XXXdamned forgotten

      T A B L E !!      !

With her fruited blue collar tan and home-brewed angel glider hand sprouts her figure wisps in sea-side oyster            smiles.
Reach for the reservoir...pinnacles of pen and stick figure envy gold green full of gangrene...pluck that bass button eyed grey rib and the made-up-world around you which imbibes illustrious flavor-etch.
Aficionado of forks

C  R  O  S  S





Folded Collage of Love Letters and Traces of Affectionate Lips,
A Packet of Tobacco, A Visiting Cart, Glass--in one doggone
dog-eared outing like a splotchy tear splash missing.
i queue my peas like pearls like red enveloped ace of clubs and seizure-stiff notice of pouting eviction and pee-hole pears chicken scratch opera of la la vavoom!
Compose and Conduct from the fluted courtesans
(only after the war's lessons do we call them 'Prostitutes')
the tiled Spanish piano of garbage can working poor pretense.
a smaller fishpond of notes echoes and floats dilly-dadded with the hiding suitcases of the back of canvas--pretext
after-thought strummings resonating with a Fish on Newspaper...
Can we turn this still-life on its side, upside-down, around, show it in the shady part of town and will people
appreciate the minimal lighting and squint for the details...?
1957 Printed in France these drawings paintings awnings musings stir full mouth carousal carousels of jumbled
construction paper (this way or that) cravings with so many empty bottles glassy marbled statue-eyed
industrialists modern palpatating clawed rivets wire-mesh minis skirting the perimeters of conscious
uniconventional cat-nap in an upturned fruity dish.
Peek-a-blue, i see glue and foreplay Iberian four-stringers fretting the grass-lain carpet of hands
and balled periscope spook in excerpt book's casual way of life
(which cannot be a game if it's in a frame).

..that tweek and mime haircombs and wrinkles and sleeping sparkles of crossed-out opposites...
Who went wading far away from    a     way creeping back dead washed upon the nude-beach

shores           of


                         C E n t e R R e d

                                                    t W i N K l e  ?

Pray and recreate with fingers brush the orgasmic organic wholeness of slice-n-dice existence without getting too caught up in
exit-    -    -      - s t e n c h.
Paint me blood-soaked, bent, and bowed, and twitching tones humble remorse in one last notion of joy with its back
against the wall                                           paper.

And do it in a studio garage living

according to whatever present shape our

water is poured

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  1. I like poems inspired by art or painting. Imagination birthed from imagination. I think I could climb to the summit of a great mountain and enjoy a 6 pack with a pocket art book such as this and bathe in the high elevation where land kisses sky and the clouds roll by…

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