Removing the Dross

Removing the Dross
by Thomas Moore

After snowstorms my father
shoveled the driveway where it lay
open to a sweep of wind across

a neighbor’s field, where the snow
drifted half way down to the paved
road, before snow-blowers, before

pick-ups cruised the streets with
THE BOSS lettered on red plows.
He heated the flat shovel

in the woodstove till the blade
steamed, like Vulcan at his furnace
removing the dross, then rubbed

a hissing candle on the steel
so the snow would slide unchecked
as he made each toss. He marked

blocks with the waxed blade, lifted
and tossed, lifted and tossed again,
squaring off against the snow.

1 thought on “Removing the Dross

  1. Thomas Moore explores his universe in a reality of psychic
    sorry sightings with an arrangement of words to engage our
    own sensitive reality during months of white in a parental
    storm there is still in loss,a light to be seen from a father’s clearing out the dross.

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