Wicked smile

by: Halifax

The divisions
of Heaven from Hell
grow from gums flapping

While language learning
a practice set comes in
primitive understandings
not meant to last forever

Mature teeth are crowned
with mouthfuls of silver
Some lost as babies
that will never return

Biting words mime to us
wisdom from outside
like there is no inside
anywhere else


The terms we share
are failed angels
pulling out God’s picket fence
to tack on placards

Each compete loudly to speak
their honest truth of being

The failings fall
on us the unknowns
to makeup the difference

so we silent skulls,
stacked for keeping,
grin and bear headstones
for the living Word
which waits in volumes
to say the side
the names of those
before them lie
once locked shut in lines sorted straight
as the pearly gates of heaven
where the limits of a life
escape description
or die bound within a death
that defined them

1 thought on “Wicked smile

  1. Halifax opens up our spiritual verbal consciousness taking away our isolation by bringing us close to the great meanings of a metaphysical authoritative narrative to discern our own
    complexity within a poetic unique perspective of a language’s energy.

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