Communicable Communication

Communicable Communication
by Casey Bush

the problem with reading
is that it involves thinking
and so the true meaning of words
may not be apparent to everyone
especially given the fact they evolve
like several generations of fruit flies
trapped in our mouths
slippery with nuanced saliva
and by the time they reach someone else’s ear
they can mutate into a new and unrecognizable species

a spoken language works for approximately five centuries
passing across multiple mangled dialects
until it is unintelligible
lasting for about as long as the lifespan of a redwood or sequoia

the mountain on which the trees stand
is tough spirited, strong willed and self-disciplined
while the river valley
which passes between its legs
is generous with loving concern for all beings
meaning the best things in life
are not things at all

I could just as well wash my hands
in the bathroom sink of this material world
that billion cubic kilometers
of water which covers the Earth
molecules divided by the photosynthesis of plants
later reconstituted through the respiration of animals
a cycle completed once every 2 million years or so

when Lord Krishna was a baby
he liked to eat dirt
and once when his mother
tried to take a lump of soil from under his tongue
he playfully let her peek
at the entire universe
all contained inside his mouth

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