once was lost

By: Halifax

the search party

once was lost
became twice
when once revisited
to form a habit
in denial
of being single
once again
there is no going back
to when there was one
since one is seen
at a distance
similar to your own
and the empathy found
in seeing yourself
in another’s shoes
binded you both
to be both here
and there combined
broken into two
altogether where
one had been once

in your wanderings
have you wondered
maybe the problem
in making your way
is you are a place
others hunt for
but never find

try this on for size
close your eyes
stand still a moment
imagine you are home
stay where you are
so the homecoming
can gather at last

3 thoughts on “once was lost

  1. I reflect upon this reflection and see a dopelganger face down himself in an alternate reality in a parallel universe. Reading this piece, I feel as if a twister has taken the lesbian love child of Dorothy and Alice along with madhatter Toto into the labyrinth of a space odyssey monolith where the human ego is as fragile as a newly hatched egg made of glass–we’ve only one life to live, millions of ancestors funelled into a single vessel which explodes into countless ancestors…

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