electric grackle

electric grackle	
by Josh Bomberger, Oswald James

electric grackle		shhhhh	
grab hold of yr wing

letter rip				

behind each gate
lies a destructive paradise


in limbo
to be unhatched					my

by the unsuspecting				fa
dwellers						vo
of the six gates				ri
.. .. .. .. .. 						te
    u	mm

1 thought on “electric grackle

  1. It’s good to see collaborative poems and visual creative punc. poetry still making rounds and not going gently into that drunken blood moon night. Reading this piece I get an image or feeling rather of the author whispering it close to my ear as if I’d climbed an ancient mountain and found the cave of a crazy poetmonger. I give him a couple cans of pork-n-beans and he feeds me his vision. Another part of me feels as if i am struggling to the next level of a surreal video game. In any case, the final line “www.findafuckingjob.commm” wakes me like a bucket of cold lake of fire water in the face. Welcome to reality, fucker! lol. Great read!

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