Deconstructing DNA

Deconstructing DNA
by Casey Bush

(spinning yarns)
dogma at the public house
swamped by hogwash
what I see in the mirror
is more substantial
than what it reflects

(salt and pepper)
grown tired of Existentialism
all that being and nothingness
when Murphy’s Law better explains
why so much right has gone so wrong
the afterlife is now

(wiggle room)
can’t sit on my barstool
without fear of slipping off
midnight oil burns holes in the head
dreams haunt me during the day
in advertisements for useless products

(abandoning asymmetry)
qualifying qualifiers
and footnoting footnotes
as the thought police
paw through my garbage
deciphering discarded hard drives

(negative rewards)
rubbing amino acid into the eyes
the prophet is dethroned
his greatest disciple exposed as a fraud
hang a cross above the altar
in case another messiah needs to be crucified

double helix reincarnation
strobe light enhances the dance
reported to my wife I had discovered
the secret to a good life
she pointed out I’d said the same thing last week.

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