Spring In Remission

Spring In Remission
by Noah Gordon

I’m thinking of the shy way
you walked toward the treeline,

and how we talked about the oldest
Cave in Illinois,
how they boarded it up after a blind child wandered in one afternoon.

I’d later return to that day
to study the architecture of the thickets and brambles.

I’d say let’s slow down,
our thoughts are getting ahead of our mouths,

like how the sun is getting ahead of this evening
sinking behind the crooked skyline,

trotting away like its embarrassed
that it ever showed its stupid face

in the first place.

1 thought on “Spring In Remission

  1. Just when you think you have life figured out, life changes it up leaving you saying “That’s not life, that’s an anomaly, a contradiction, it’s unnatural, a radioactively mutated bug in the programming code for the world.” Then it’s “Life’s not fair, so we’re gonna make it fair cause we’re better than that.” And I don’t blame them. Thx for sharing!

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