The Persians by Rumi

The Persians by Rumi
By Brandon Brown

If you’re love’s lover and look for love
cold smoke the dog called bashfulness
beware for your conversation is a hindrancy
this poem isn’t interested I’ll bill you
Why’d the mad one make madness in a thousand works
that wild one make a thousand wild works of wiles?
now he disrobes, now he’s so fast
now he likes intoxicating substances and wants to die
Since a spider spies and eats a whole deer
behold what the web of Zoroastrianism will do!
Since the love of nighties had positive market outlook,
how will it be with “He took His servant in nighties?”
Have you not seen the book of Waisa and Ramin?
Have you not heard the tales of Wamiq and ‘Adra?
You hike your denim so you don’t wear water

do you have to pull that bridge stunt over & over?
The way of love is filth and I’m drunk
the storm storms—how should a storm calm?
you’ll be the jewel in the ring of lovers
If you’re insistent on assuming the consequence of jewelry
so, say it, how does the earth hurt if we fuck?
what gifts would be unreasonable?
it’s not cool to beat a drum when yr. in bed, son,
and put your erection in the middle of the desert
Listen to the sounds of fucking and coming,
under the sky, which “Orientals, perhaps owing
to some optical peculiarity, see as green.”
When you’re drunk take your clothes off
Heaven is great, Orion is confused
how the world is high and killed
by love which is high and killed!
When the sun comes out, where do nighties hide?
When the come comes, where does the pent go?
I’m done. Speak to me, soul’s soul’s soul
From desire of whom from whose desire every throat was cut

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