the shape of negative point twelve

by Halifax

you began a person
the idea you claim
was given to you
for others to use

it slows to a crawl
and becomes a place
others keep blame
once the thing dies

it housed you
though you have never been
an odd person, place, or thing
just three dimensions
unmoved by the act
of measuring the portions shared

a party to it
and just as guilty;
searching for what
no one has lost
a point
moving in time
observed at distance
by some other point
perhaps timeless, oblivious
but aware from this vantage
lines exist between them

these connections must end at some point
or when they do not, in the infinite,
distinctions fall apart undefined
showing that the gift inside
the unity of everything and nothing
is neither zero nor infinity
but some other, a bit like you,

1 thought on “the shape of negative point twelve

  1. A brilliant nominative invention and declaration of the power
    of poetry’s invention in a non conventional form of wordsmith
    play.Congrats to Halifax.
    bz niditch

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