by Oscar Smiles

Back taters down by the dozen square
ol amble hordes
The ol -just go to heaven- mirage
Let’s not….let’s not assume anything sir

Hankering for some mudbug
And it looks like your expecting
Stethoscopic nightmare
Sheets covered in blood
Didn’t matter
Convulsive throwsive
Didn’t matter
Matters of surrealitude
Didn’t matter
Snicks cross judas
Didn’t matter

And you’ll fuck it
All to hell
With such things as
Skeletal remains
And fabulous space
Ballet and cracking nuts
Ivy and hibiscus
oncidiums and heliotropes
All to hell
And you’ll fuck it

Raw conspiring little out house shit
Never mattered
I’m just gonna
scooch on over here
And impend
Never mattered
Organize the missing beat
Weed and toothies
Amounts considerable
Cory thesaurus
Never shattered

Organic titans
Chandler Family Farm juxtaposed
Dazed interview
Zucchini bread
Transcranial direct current stimulation
Teeth clenching doki doki latter
Combinery the magnetic cortico
Conserve a barrow
Ride an arrow
Strike a death pose
And wang fuckin chung


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