I know a man

I know a man
by Dirk Michener

I know a man who, when in the water, is afraid of fish touching his skin
I know a man who, when walking, always looks down at the ground
I know a man who, when sleeping, begins speaking in Mandarin Chinese
I know a man who, when in the passenger seat of a car, must close his eyes
I know a man who, when reading, reads every word 18 times over
He would have read the book 18 times upon finishing it.
I know a man who, when touching another, immediately washes his hands afterwards
I know a man who, when watching movies, laughs at any scene with a dog
Cujo was fucking hilarious to this man
I know a man who, when eating ice cream, only uses the tip of his tongue
I know a man who, when kissing a girl, bites down hard on the girls tongue enough to make it bleed

When someone knocks at your door do you get scared?
When the telephone rings, do you shudder?
When you hear a sound at night in your house do you turn down the TV?
When a car has been behind your car for what seems like too long, do you try and lose it by taking a different route?
When eating at a fast food restaurant do you sit at a table close to others or as far as you can get?
When you break a plate do you stand there for a minute and look at it?
When riding in an airplane do you grip the armrest upon ascension?
When wearing sunglasses do you peer off to the side to look at something but keep your head still so as to give the impression you are looking in a different direction?
When cutting your fingernails do you try to cut the whole thing off, or in several snips?
When waiting for the bus do you stare off into space?
When entering an empty elevator, do you head directly to the right-hand corner and face the door?

Direct hit on Dallas
Direct hit on Austin
Direct hit on Houston
Direct hit on San Antonio
Direct hit on Fort Worth
Direct hit on Athens
Direct hit on Tyler
Direct hit on Denton
Direct hit on El Paso
Direct hit on McAllen
Direct hit on Corpus Christi
Direct hit on Waco
Direct hit on Galveston
Direct hit on San Marcos
Direct hit on Arlington
Direct hit on Hurst
Direct hit on Euless
Direct hit on Bedford
Direct hit on Haltom City
Direct hit on Keller
Direct hit on Colleyville
Direct hit on South Lake
Direct hit on Roanoke
Direct hit on Watauga
Direct hit on Richland Hills
Direct hit on Argyle
Direct hit on McKinney
Direct hit on Allen
Direct hit on Gainesville
Direct hit on Mabank
Direct hit on Gun Barrel City
Direct hit on Tool
Direct hit on Waxahachie
Direct hit on West
Direct hit on Marfa
Direct hit on Abilene
Direct hit on Lake Worth
Direct hit on Greenville
Direct hit on Round Rock
Direct hit on Cypress
Direct hit on Spring
Direct hit on San Angelo
Direct hit on Paris
Direct hit on Weatherford
Direct hit on Mineral Wells
Direct hit on Krum

Road repair is an important aspect of city planning
Certain cities, I will not name names, have extremely poor roads
The actual physical quality of the road,
And the layout of how the road works in conjunction to the places around it.

Poor roads have been a little know factor in the city planners understanding of how people perceive the city…or maybe it has been
Either way…people, everyday make the decision to move to a particular city, move out of a particular city, or buy a different kind of automobile based on the quality of roads.

Many city planners see poor roads as an opportunity to encourage the citizens to walk, ride bikes, or take public transportation
This is a false concept. Poor roads encourage citizens to bitch and moan and rise up against city officials and commit crimes in the name of poor city planning.

I know a man who lives in a four story town-house
The ground floor is his living room
The room is filled with brightly colored furniture
Most of it is soft and large
With vivid op-art paintings on the wall

The second floor is his nook and kitchen
The furniture is entirely wood…oak

The third floor is his bedroom
His bedroom is white
White sculptures, bed linen, carpet, ceiling,
Immaculately clean and enhanced by one mirrored wall

The 4th floor is an attic type room full of antiques
Most of the antiques are dusty and piled up randomly
Most of the antiques were his mother and fathers’
Hall-trees, baby carriages, gilded mirrors, wrought-iron lamps

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