Berberian Sinfonia/ Sliced-and-Diced from Aphasia to [Inflectional Hints of] Eternity

Algeria: Most Serious Threat of All?
by Cocteau

…les premieres elisions du jour nous furent telles que defaillances du language. –Chronique, St.-John Perse


She perfumed her breasts with rosewater. As certain.

As certain as if the narrative of moonlight was bourne through great whirlwinds, from more than half the distance of an entire meteor shower.

Sixteen/ coaches long.

Idylls continue.

True, as it may be, that intensity is paramount– for a sense of time and deep space drift in remembrance. Si, how are we to balance the anguish and ecstacy of these polar indeterminates?

Widening sky,

this changing fire

and its innumerable ashes. Protocols mock. Glory, as it may be, comes in dark clouds, never on white horses.

Barely covered as if a yellow scarf enumerated by true/ blue flowers.



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  1. Fine collateral familiarity with French elements and cleverly
    integrated with a surrealist signature and signal of a metamorphosis of modernist language.

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