Of Ducks and Drakes

Of Ducks and Drakes
by Kie Borsden

Such stones exist for simple pleasures,
sped across the surface of the sea—
hunted and claimed for their smooth finish
the years have laboured by calm and rage.

They bounce forth with ease from a flicked wrist,
cast with care into the distant view,
and pass without a reclaiming thought:
forgotten, they sink to the abyss.

Just as words are cut into headstones,
just as we rest them on our pillows—
whatever those words we choose to skim,
they skip across our smiling façade.

Sunsets, holidays, long journeys home,
every minute was a stone I threw.

1 thought on “Of Ducks and Drakes

  1. Kie Borsden shifts his linguistic arguments in arrangements
    on surfaces of gradations on the sea and a pillow talk of facades.

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