Here & Then There

Here & Then There
by Noah Gordon

From a built-in radio came the call:

“Please do not feed the sand-pipers
or the grazing mares.

Their bluffs are well-stocked
and maintained by professionals.”

I reached for her hand
and we descended into the deep
meadow. Gulls from Lisbon
had all but claimed this area
for their own.

Signs were posted:

“Do not disturb the seagulls-
or their eggs.” Or,

“Keep to trail: eggs on grass.”

I was trying to explain to her
why we drove two hours out here.

“You see, in 5 years this place
will be a 7/11, or a light-rail stop,
or a shooting range for the yips in
Shawn’s Valley.”

But she walked on

in silence,

sensing my bullshit.

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