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Haggard and Halloo is an online and print publication based in Austin, TX. We publish creative and contemporary writing by known and unknown writers from all over the world. We’ve posted something new every day since 1999. The posts are based on flow and feeling and one of the editors will usually choose a photo to go along with the post. We do not pay our writers in cash at this time. We pay in love, exposure and free merch.

This is the 4th version of our website. We are a negative profit publishing house and do not keep any copyrights to any of the work posted here.  Since 1995, Haggard and Halloo has released 26 print issues and releases a new issue when time and $ permits. We also publish a new book of writing by an individual every few years.


The photos and writing posted here remain the property of the individual artist. We employ common courtesy and basic internet law so if you find something being used unfairly, please contact us and we’ll comply with your wishes. If this does not meet your needs we’ll direct you to our legal counsel. The information we obtain through user registration is not sold, shared or monetized. We will send out a newsletter once or twice a year to keep you updated on any major change.
At the University of North Texas in Denton, TX James Oswald and Travis Catsull began circulating an unnamed poetry zine around campus. The zine was in response to the numerous college zines going around at the time. James and Travis were reading a great deal of poetry and decided to focus on classic and beat era writing. The first issues were made in sets of 20 at a local copy shop and left in inconspicuous places. Drop spots included coffee shops, pizza parlors, alley ways and local poetry readings.
After 3 issues James moved to Waco and Travis moved to Dallas where H&H continued. Shon Toney joined Travis on the project and by issue #5 the zine gained the name Haggard and Halloo. The name was decided by randomly opening a dictionary and finding two words on adjacent pages. Shon and Travis quickly personified the moniker and would work together on the next 15 issues.
Around issue #20 the web version of Haggard and Halloo began to gain attention and the design work of Josh Janicek (our pro-bono webmaster of 12 years) allowed our fan base to submit poetry via the internet. This helped turn H&H into a solo project for many years when Shon moved off the grid and into a tropic rain forest. After completing 25 print issues the need and demand for print lessened as the web version grew. One more issue (#26) was made until the decision to focus solely on the web version of H&H took precedence and a complete restructuring of the website 2010 brings to us the present.
Shon Toney, now a writer living in Oregon, and James Oswald, a film and video creator living in Austin, TX, are still consulted on the progress and overall idea of Haggard and Halloo. Josh Janicek and Alan Watts are web consultants and designers. Dustin Coffey and Cheyenne Gallion handle Graphic Design. The overall project is managed by Travis Catsull and a rotating cast of volunteer editors.
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