Writing Guidelines

We will post previously published work and do not retain any rights to the work posted here. We accept poetry, short stories, dreams, rants, reviews, essays, letters to and from fictional or real people, lists, visual art, reviews of all kinds and other creative forms of writing. We post something each day, sometimes two and receive many submissions a week. Please be patient while we review your work and don’t send 10 poems at once or bother with 10 page stories. It may take a month or six before your poem appears. Please submit one piece per posting and include your name. We cannot contact everyone about their poem, but we will try. DO NOT send in a poem and once it’s posted ask us to take it down for some trivial reason. We’re going to ignore you because we don’t have time to dig through the archives looking for your poem. This is the same with “withdrawing” submissions. We’ve got thousands of submissions in our inbox and aren’t going to dig through them for you and “withdraw” it. We simply don’t have the time. Posts are typically scheduled weeks or months in advance.
How to submit writing:
The easiest way is to use our SUBMIT WRITING page. You may submit writing via email (haggardandhalloo@gmail.com), but we prefer you use this website. To use the site internally (not the SUBMIT WRITING page), you must register as a user, login and use the ADD NEW or QUICKPRESS field to submit via the website. In the text field please add your name somewhere so we know who wrote the poem.
If your poem is ready to go change it to PENDING REVIEW status. If you are still working on it leave it in DRAFT mode.
Note: We are less inclined to post anonymous work, rhyming poetry or long narratives about your soul.
Contact us via email at:

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