The Company Picnic

The Company Picnic
by pat a physics
The freezedry technique they used was quite convenient for someone who
would jacknife around the globe.  And the selection of foods they offered
might razzledazzle even the taste makers who discredit this pioneering
industry.  They did have a store front here years ago, I shoplift at the new branch.
They don’t sugarcoat their fruit like that old one did.
Also, you won’t find an earmark on the unexpirable meat.  That stuff is invincible.
During smeltdown, they discovered some great things about meat.
The USDA rubberneck on their latest report by saying that their department
would want to sleepover with the company.  My friend works for them,
he borrowed my corkscrew for a champagne breakfast at their offices.
I wouldn’t snowball you, they are very successful and have orders from
around the world.  My friend would punch-in whenever he would taste
test or coldcall or sleepwalk or even talk about what the company did.
The things he said spellbind our pub frequenting band of jokers.
Once during a smokeout, he told us that the process was so successful
they had to hogtie some meat that actually came back to life.

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